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Can a Red Dress be worn to a wedding?


Can a Red Dress be worn to a wedding?



To wear a red dress to a wedding is exciting!

Can you wear a red dress to a wedding?

Of course you can wear it.., and at the same time:  YOU CAN’T!

“Red can be seen as the most sexy, confident and striking of colours, and therefore female guests choosing to wear the hue could be seen as a tad disrespectful. After all, no one should try to outshine the bride!”

Do you want to challenge the status quo of the wedding? Or you prefer to behave like an invisible guest?

Are you a good friend of the couple that is getting married? Are you using this celebration to get more contacts?

Are you planing to expand your business? Are you planing to seduce somebody special? Are you a funny person that always likes to enjoy parties? Do you want to be observed by all the men? Do you know the rules of seduction?

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A red dress might a must for you.

If you answered yes to some of these questions you should seriously consider to wear something red.

Firstly, you like to be in the queen of the party. Secondly, you want to achieve something special.

In conclusion: A red outfit will help you. Red clothing should be part of your wardrobe. Try with a red nice dress.

Try with nice red lingerie.

You can also wear black or blue, yes. Both colours are very interesting. But they will make you look boring.

Fire is red.  Fire is not black!. Passion is red, passion is not green or blue. Can you imagine a blue passion..?


Love is Red. Your heart is red. What colour do you relate speed with? And expansion?

If you want to achieve all your goals and your goals are related to love, passion, speed, energy, power, success, what other colour do you have to wear?

Which other colour identifies with the emotions that I have just mentioned?

Go for red you wont regret.

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