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Red Blazer Outfit


Red Blazer Outfit - R LETTER
Red long Blazer
red blazer woman
Red Suit woman blazer

 A red blazer outfit bold combination with a short V-shaped red dress and a long red blazer-coat. For the intrepid and decisive women.

Purple coloured comfort blazer. Why not wear it with blue jeans? 

Full red suit with red blazer for very special occasions and bold women.

red blazer woman
red blazer woman
red blazer woman office
red blazer woman

This off-duty combination of a red blazer and a blue jeans is a perfect combination  to look stylish and casual. Add red canvas low top sneakers to the equation.

You’ll be amazed at how super easy it is to get dressed like this. Just a red blazer and red wide leg pants. Introduce a pair of white leather pumps or ballerinas and off you go looking stunning.

A red blazer and a red dot pencil skirt are a nice setup to add to your current office arsenal. A good pair of black or white suede pumps pulls this look together.

Consider wearing a red blazer and white skinny pants to show off your styling smarts. Go with your imagination to choose the best shoes that fit perfectly  with this ensemble.

Red blazer woman fit
purple blazer woman
Casual red woman blazer
red cropped woman blazer

Pairing this red blazer with blue  jeans is an on-point pick for a laid-back but chic ensemble. 

Show off your styling sensibilities by putting together this red blazer and dark blue jeans for a boho-relaxed outfit.

Show off your styling sensibilities by putting together this red blazer and dark blue jeans for a boho-relaxed outfit as well!

Why not pair a red cropped blazer with a black dress? Both of these items are totally elegant-casual and look wonderful matched together.

red casual jacket blazer woman
red sexy woman blazer
red casual springtime red blazer woman

Consider this combination with white-black designed pencil skirt for the afternoon with your inlaws.

You’ll be amazed of how sexy you look in this V-shape red blazer summer outfit combined with short pants.

Only the Leader of the company dares to dress like this in the office. Show off your dominance over all struggles and challenges with this ensemble.

casual red blazer woman
red pencil skirt and blazer woman
red long blazer woman

If you prefer off-duty outfits, why not take this combination of a purple-red blazer and blue jeans skinny pants for a spin? Show how your styling expertise truly shines even with casual combinations. 

A red blazer and a red pencil skirt are a good combination worth having in your daily office collection. Ramp up the classiness of your look a bit by slipping into black leather pumps.

Choose a red wide blazer and blue jeans to feel confident and look casual-stylish. White leather pumps are a savvy pick to finish your look.

red blazer woman
red blazer woman
red casual woman blazer

You’ll be amazed to see how this blazer combines with anything that your imagination dares to wear with. Don’t choose it for a job interview unless you are the one.

Consider this purple red blazer as a one man fits all woman object.

Erotic dreams for the velvet sushi.

red sexy blazer big breasts
red blazer woman
sexy red woman blazer

Mama Rnb goes wild on pop sugar, V-shape front and white nails polish. Only for Stadium-stars.

Mami Rnb goes to sign her multi-millon dollar contract with the perfume company. Please combine with black high high heels.

Mami Rnb night ensemble after signing her multi-million dollar contract. Curvy and Dom Perignon.

Red Blazer Outfit

Who said a red blazer outfit is not for women? Who said pink elephants are only seen under the influence of LSD? A merchant contract between the wild beast and the glorious woman gives is the beginning of a new journey, an endeavour to reduce lack of style, passion and speed in the universe. Red blazer outfits combine with many kinds of garments if you are a woman that loves with passion and kindness, committed to yourself, your partner and family and the business that makes you all flourish and fulfil yourselves. 

Red Blazer Outfits for Women

How to Wear It

Since antiquity, red color has symbolized life and passion. It’s a dynamic color that highlights the feisty personality and the self-confidence of the women wearing it.

By adding a red detail in your total apparel, will instantly make the whole look more elegant and sophisticated. And what’s more sophisticated than a blazer? Combine your red blazer with your outfit, and you’re ready for work or a casual coffee with friends. No add-on accessories needed as the red blazer outfit stands from itself and automatically raise your every look to another level. So, below, you will find some simple ways to create unforgettable red blazer outfit sets that will cut a dash!


Black, white or blue, skinny or wide, denim or fabric, bell-bottom or tapered, Capri or cuffed, try to combine them with a red blazer. There are many options that you can adjust to your style.

Dresses or skirts

The red color adds the class to every outfit! Combine it with a pencil skirt and high heels for a more formal look, or with a colored floral midi dress for a more bohemian touch to your everyday style.


All it takes for sunny days! Combine your red shorts with a red blazer- and easy assembly that can be worn at work as well. Or for a more every day, ultra-cool look, you can wear blue denim shorts with a red blazer. Whatever fits your style best!

Either you are brunet or blonde, you prefer a classic outfit, or you are a more cool-style person, a red blazer is a piece that should not be missing from any wardrobe. The red blazer outfit will cut above your style. You can also enrich your closet with red cropped jackets or red coats to get even more choices. Red blazer outfit for women can be easily found, as it’s in fashion and suitable for every season.

Red Blazer Outfits for Women - A little bit of History

In the fashion world, many people know this little crossed jacket, sometimes blue and sometimes red. Of course, we are talking about the blazer, which can fit in both women’s and men’s dressings. It is suitable for most of the events and situations you can think of and for a good reason! If you want to wear something casual but stay stylish, you should try one out!

Initially, in 1837, an English frigate captain created this jacket for his sailors for an extraordinary occasion, the arrival of Princess Victoria. This jacket is in a navy blue color with gold buttons. The queen liked it so much that she decided the entire navy should wear this outfit. Almost a century later, the rowing team at Saint John’s College in Cambridge had red blazers as sportswear. For those who are well informed, “blaze” means to be on fire, to shine. At the same time, the famous actress and singer Marlène Dietrich accentuated the movement called “La Garçonne,” and the blazer then became glamorous and gradually won the female genteel.

A little later, the famous Coco Chanel took over this blazer and brought it to the forefront, followed by many renowned designers. But shortly afterward, Yves Saint-Laurent finally decided to make it the centerpiece of women’s wardrobe, a blazer that was continually evolving and becoming more democratic. So, nowadays, the red blazer outfit suits well for many different occasions, with many combinations of various pants and shoes.

Benefits, Material and Quality

The blazer outfits decades ago were formal, thick, and somewhat dull. Ever since things have changed dramatically, and blazers are pioneering a whole new dimension, which we didn’t see coming. A red blazer outfit is an incredible piece of statement that every woman likes to have in her wardrobe. Red blazer outfits are colorful, stylish, fashionable, and trendy. Fashion ascent is a description of a person’s personality, background, and tells more about that person. You can use more colors on shirts and purses matching with a red blazer, which can give you a fresh and classy appearance.

Fabric plays a significant role in separating the blazer from the other sports jackets and suits. The most common materials used for the red blazer outfits are worsted wool, cashmere, linen, seersucker, serge, flannel, and silk. A soft and luxurious 100% cashmere blazer is one of the best choices. Durability is a minor issue, but the quality of cashmere also plays a crucial role. For flannel, the most popular materials are wool or cotton and a soft cloth that needs to be woven in twill. However, serge is usually clear, finished, and has been the main fabric of military uniforms for many years. It usually has a flat, diagonal rib pattern. Worsted wool is a dense textile that is smooth, highly durable, but considered low quality. The cost of a blazer consists of three main things: fabric, cutting quality, and style. No blazer is better than another. It all depends on your needs, environment, and occasion.

How to care for your Red Blazer

Caring for your red blazer jacket could depend on a lot of factors ranging from the material the garment is made of, method of cleaning, stain removal methods, and so on.

Red blazers made of linen materials are of solid fabrics with the tendency to withstand the intensity of the dry cleaning by default. So, you are advised to care for your red blazers made of linen material by yourself, with the recommendation of hand wash.

Your washing machine settings could be set below 60 °C (140 °F) as a precaution to avoid extensive heating that could affect the elasticity of your garment. Your clothing could shrink a little bit due to the fabrics loose weave, and the heat could cause the stands to tighten up a little. Ensure you avoid using drier to dry your garment, hang it instead. When ironing, keep your iron on high temperature and press in different directions until the wrinkles disappear.

Cotton made blazers are more pleasant and on the skin. These red jackets can be washed conventionally according to the instruction on the label. 

Blazers made of polyester materials absorb little moisture, and we recommended you handle it carefully. It does not shrink, and it dries quickly. Follow the instruction on the label about ironing.

People who prefer silk made red jackets should avoid washing in high temperatures, with spinning or drying in a tumble drier. Dry cleaning is recommended and ensure you place a cloth over your silk red jacket to avoid direct heat that could burn your fabric or cause the color to fade.

Tencel made red jackets are smooth, cool, strong, and great absorbents with little tendency of spilling. It does not shrink, you can wash it in a washing machine, and you can also iron it.

Will you participate in next year’s Red dress run wearing one of the our red blazers?