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Red garments hotel


Red garments hotel

The red garments hotel exists

The Red Garments Hotel exists, it is a Hotel located on the southern coast of Baja California, Mexico. It is a bit far from the sea and tourist areas, which allows it to go unnoticed. Because that’s how the owners want it to be, mysterious and special. They prefer to have few visitors and give them the best possible experience. This 5 star Hotel  has 50 rooms and a quite peculiar structure. The name of Red Garments Hotel comes from the fact that the Hotel is a kind of museum of any type of red clothing. There are pieces of clothing framed as pieces of art and displayed in all areas of the hotel, but first we need to get in, which is not so easy as with usual hotels.

The entire Hotel is red

The entire hotel is red, built with reddish stones and the huge entrance doors are of a dark coppery color. The Red Garments Hotel is located in the town of San Pedro.  That town is particularly famous for it’s narrow labyrinth-shaped streets in the old town in the center. In one of these streets there is a large store that sells different pieces of art created by the inhabitants of the desertic areas of that region. Once you go inside that store you will find out that you can go up to the terrace where there is a small restaurant and cafeteria where you can taste some food and observe the views over the old city. Next to this restaurant there is another small shop that sells local clothes, but only red. Entering that store is entering a temple dedicated to the red color. Once inside, you can observe the dozens or hunreds of variations and tone that the red color has. There are long dresses, short dresses, there are women’s underwear and several other pieces of clothing. There are very sexy pieces and another of a rather ethnic and traditional style. At the back of the store there is a place where carpets of all kinds are displayed and behind that area there are curtains. Once the curtains are passed, you climb up some stairs to the roof.It is a small roof that connects by a curved bridge with another roof.

We arrived at the hotel

Crossing this bridge  we reach another rooftop where we can see the entrance to an  elevator. It is a very modern elevator that contrasts in design with the rather traditional architecture of the restaurant. We push the call button to the elevator and the doors open 5 seconds later. We go inside, and the elevator starts to go down.The elevator goes down 10 floors and we exit it when it stops. Suddenly we are in a dark car park.But at the same time we can  listen to the sound of waterfalls. In front of us, numerous  luxury cars of different brands, being most of them black and / or white. Some are old models from the 50s or 60s, all wisely illuminated with dim lights. The sound of the waterfalls accentuates as I go along. Next to the cars, there is a large red copper door and around it there is a large waterfall that falls violently. Next to the door is a doorman who greets me kindly. I comment that I have a reservation at the Red Garments Hotel, but I’m not sure if this is it. The doorman answers: Welcome to the red garments Hotel!  A bell-boy who grabs my suitcase invites me to follow him and together we cross the large copper door below the waterfall, yes, without getting wet!

I had never seen such a place

We cross the door to see that  there is  a tunnel whose walls and roof are remnants of red clothes. I see all kinds of clothing materials,  pieces cut in different ways, all red. Dozens, no,  hundreds of different types of tones. There are also dresses, jackets, underwear, towels, and even heels. All ordered in a mesh. The smell of these clothes is very nice and fresh, but at the same time warm and with hints of vanilla. A club-like music is heard, the bass slowly invites to groove.. We arrive at a very large space, the hotel hall. In the background is the reception. We approach the reception desk. On the wall behind the reception there are different types of framed red clothes as if they were pieces of art. They give us the keys to our room and we go to the elevator. We press to go up to the 7th floor, when we reach the 4th floor the elevator goes to the surface (until now we were underground) and everything is filled with natural light. It is a hotel that is partially underground and partially above. We arrive at our floor, we go out to an elongated corridor. The hall is decorated in a minimal plan. Very nice after so many images and feelings to get here. We arrive at our room. Now is the moment to rest a little. Another day we will continue discovering this fantastic hotel, the red garments hotel.