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Red Planet Restaurant


Red Planet Restaurant

Red planet restaurant - does it exist?

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The red planet is a restaurant located in the province of Alicante, Spain.

It is an underground restaurant that you reach through the parking lot. Nothing is seen on the street, there is no entrance to the restaurant from the building in which it is located.

There are no signs or any sign that advertises it. The parking is a public parking with 4 underground floors. Each floor is connected by stairs and elevator. On the third  underground floor there is a room in which the cleaning utensils used by the external cleaning company are stored. Inside that room is a closet. You have to  open the closet and say the following sentence: “Red planet”, after that a door opens behind the wall. And once that door is open, there is an elongated corridor through a cave of red stalactites. You have to pass through a wooden bridge and then you  arrive at the entrance of the restaurant.

We are welcome by the sign: “The red planet restaurant” right  above the arch of the door. A security guard allows customers to enter, but If you want to enter, you need a reservation and you have to wear some kind of red garment. It can be a dress, a jacket, some shoes, or even a complement, but something you wear has to be red.

The restaurant is huge

The restaurant is huge. The ceiling is very high, and there are many tables spread with red dressed waiters transporting dishes from one place to another. On the walls there are screens that continually project images of natural phenomena that are red or are related to the color red. Right now, images of an eruption of a volcano.

The maître brings us to our table after we have identified our reservation. It is next to the wall shaped like stalactites. The place is amazing. Red prevails on all sides but at the same time it is dark and there are many low intensity lights creating a mysterious, romantic and very exclusive lighting. We ask them to bring us the food and wines  menu. Highlighted I can see the Red Risotto dish, made with saffron and  different seafood varieties. There are other interesting dishes such as sea urchins with eels and salmon caviar, different versions of lobster and vegetable vegetables in tempura with red species and herbs. The wine and champagne menu contains a wide variety of wines from different countries as well.

Before placing our order

Before placing our order, we ask the maître to suggests what he considers best for us to try and have a big variety and understanding of the best dishes of the house. After his counseling we decide for different dishes from various tasting menus and an accompanying wine pairing. After the order is make I get up and start walking around the place for some minutes. I cannot refrain myself from taking photos. This restaurant is amazing! The bar is very bright, there are dozens of red cups hanging overhead that generate very original light reflections. The bartenders are dressed in the typical costumes of bell-boys of the luxury hotels with crossed jackets closed with several buttons. They even wear the hat that the bell-boys usually wear. All with a dominant red color. They prepare the cocktails in a fun and fast way. After observing their artwork and checking the Cocktail menu I order a bloody mary. Please send it to my table. I walk to the bathroom area. It is a common area for men and women. There is a large room with round sofas and magazines to read. The decoration here is not red, cream color predominates, and there is a water fountain. The sound is very nice and gives the feeling of being inside a Spa. There are different toilets, indistinctly for men or women. Every picture here must become a hit in Instagram. I make several photos and videos for the  stories.

5 stars

This place is definitely a 5 star place!. Dinner is spectacular in terms of presentation and product quality. The service is excellent, the wine pairing incredible. The predominant red color in everything makes me discover the enormous amount of variations that this color can have. There are many tones of it. The red dresses of those in charge of the premises are of a very special beauty. We will be back another day, for sure! Red planet restaurant, why are we waiting to create you?