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Red Stone River


Red Stone River

Red Stone River, a place to visit

Red Stone River is a  beautiful place to visit.

In southern Alaska there is a natural park called: Woodenthal Natural Park.It is a very large park through which several rivers pass.One of these rivers, the “Chootogatonga” (“water light” in the language of the Mohaik tribe) is known for the stones and rocks that are inside it.

In the last weeks of October of each year a very special phenomenon occurs.

The last rays of sun of each day fall on the surface of the river in a way that the stones shine with a very strong reddish hue. They shine so strong that it seems they are burning and generating fire. Therefore there seems to be a bonfire in the river water. The image is very special and was once very revered by the tribes that inhabited that area.

Creates the optical effect that there is a flame of fire inside the water. This is why this part of the river is called the red stone river.

The interesting thing is that this effect extends until well past night. The rocks absorb the last light of day and then reflect until midnight that light giving the aforementioned illusion of fire.

Pilgrimage place

Such a phenomenon does not happen to anyone unnoticed. Although you have to walk for 4 hours through the natural park to get to see it. But the park has its special rules:

Only 30 people can be in the river area where these water fires are displayed each day.

There is a small hostel to accommodate visitors.

Visitors can stay maximum 3 days and 2 nights.

The visit to the park and the hostel must be requested 2 months in advance.

Groups of more than 5 people are not allowed.

When to visit Red Stone River?

The best time of the year to visit Stone River network is in autumn, from the beginning of October until the middle of December. After that the snowfall intensifies and the river is covered with snow. Because of this, the hostel closes and reopens at the end of April. In summer, when it’s hotter, the place is very nice, but the stones don’t shine with their charismatic fire at sunset.

Therefore it is important to wear a good jacket because in October it is already quite cold. It is necessary to go well sheltered since the show is in the outside and in addition the best moment is during the dusk. Because the place is only accessible on foot, the owner of the hostel does not have many heating elements that can warm visitors.

Who has visited Red Stone River?

There are many photos circulating on the Internet of famous people who have visited Red Stone River. Lately it is becoming a hot spot among celebrities. The park is studying to enable a place for helicopters 2 kilometers from the place. We write this so that you support us and don’t let this happen.

Say no to the Helipad in Red Stone River

We have written this article to find more voices that join us and say no to the helipad in Red Stone River. We cannot allow helicopter landings to begin to be allowed there. The resulting effect would be fatal to the fragile ecosystem of the place. With the arrival of the helicopters, the place would become more massive, which would generate more garbage and damage to the environment. Join us and say no to the Helipad in Red Stone River. We can not afford to damage this place. Thousands of sacred places have already been damaged on the planet and there is nothing left of their original beauty. With overcrowding, the places deteriorate irreversibly. Join us, leave us a comment at the end of this text with your email address so that we can frontally attack those who promote this initiative. Our society always makes the same mistake of making what is not accessible to all. Our society tends to give massive access to  everything so that everyone can access things or places that cannot really support so much