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The meaning of red underwear for New year


The meaning of red underwear for New year

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Red Lingerie in New Year, passion Happiness and Sex

Red Lingerie in New Year has been mentioned since the middle ages. According to a tradition, it is said to date back in the Middle Ages  people were not allowed to wear red garments, because the colour was associated with blood, the devil, witchcraft and evil forces.

But according to the legend,  women who wore red underwear during New Year’s Eve had good luck in love on the following year, attracting wealthy men, or finding passion in their current relationships.

You will certainly have heard about this tradition or you might already be following it. Now is the time to learn about its meaning!

Red lingerie in New Year is now associated with passion, happiness and sex, so wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve may not only bring love to the new year but also a lot of passion.

As legend has it, those who wear red lingerie during the Chinese New Year celebrations are considered lucky for a whole year. … According to the superstition two things have to be observed in order to ensure luck and prosperity: The lingerie has to be received as a gift, it cannot be bought for oneself.

You have countries like Spain where they also maintain this tradition. It is usual that in couples they make gifts of red underwear to themselves. They have to wear this garments in New years Eve and have Sex in the first half hour of the start of the year, this ensures a healthy relation during the rest of the year.


 Sex in winter

What is better than having sex in a warm room while outside the world is covered of snow?

To have a nice fire in the house chimney and cuddle under the bedsheets. To go out to the terrace and move back to the bed to embrace the heat and passion of your sexy lover or partner. To kiss with desire and get fully excited and make love many times during the day and night.

Winter time is the time to kiss

Winter is white but winter is red. Winter is Christmas, Winter is red lingerie, winter is red outfit for skying, winter is passion in the bed, winter is chimney fires, winter is the period where your passionate love can develop in the best way as your inner fire will heat your partners soul.

And by, the way, sex can also be outdoors!

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Your Winter Guide to Outdoor Sex Outdoor sex isn't for the faint of heart! Heat up in cold-weather temperatures and get frisky (without getting frostbite) with these steamy tips More than 80 percent of women fantasize about having sex in an unexpected spot—like outdoors, according to a recent survey published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. But winter’s chill can put a damper on those of us who like to get frisky in the fresh air. We asked sex and relationship therapist Laura Berman, Ph.D., and assistant professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology for advice on how to get around the top stumbling blocks wintry weather poses to your al fresco adventures. Heat Things Up “The cold is going to be one of the tougher obstacles,” says Berman. “It can restrict blood flow and that can make it difficult for him to stay hard.” That’s why she suggests cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking to your lusty locale. “These activities not only put you off the beaten path, so you’re less likely to be caught, but also warm you up en route to make things more comfortable later on,” she explains. Plan Ahead He’s not the only one that can have some, um, arousal issues. Cold, dry air can dry things out down there as well, making penetration difficult and potentially less pleasurable for you, says Berman. Since toting lube with you will take some of the spontaneity out of your outdoor encounter, she suggests considering an alternative like Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer ($17.50; This lubricant lasts for up to three days, so you can insert it before leaving the house and be good to go when the right al fresco moment presents itself. Get the Right Gear In the warmer months, you can wear a breezy sundress (sans undies), he can wear gym shorts, and you’re good to go. But winter layers limit access. So Berman recommends looking for clothing you won’t have to totally remove to get busy, like ski pants with side zips (sure, they’re technically intended to make going to the bathroom easier—but they work for this purpose too!). #sëx #relationship#outdoors #sexoutside #wintersex

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